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Justin Jones

Software Architect/Founder


From working on the NASA Mars Rover to in-vehicle infotainment systems, I’ve had a vast software development career utilizing many languages. My customers are always happy because the software I create helps them add real value to their organizations. I’m constantly following up and reaching out personally to my customers to ensure my work continues to add value. I stay up to date with the latest technology trends by reading tech blog posts, attending technology conferences, and experimenting during my free time. I don't just build custom software solutions, I build custom software solutions that work!

Brandon Veth



I have a diverse background from owning my own e-commerce business to working for the US Forest Service in the NorthWest US to developing software. I’ve been on every side of working with contractors and learned a lot from it. I love helping people solve seemingly impossible problems with technology. In my years of experience with technology, I have never grown tired of seeing people’s joy when it just works, exactly how we said it would.



Honestly, I’m a dog. I love the simple things in life like long walks, a game of fetch, or even tug of war. I think my calm energy helps those around me to relax and focus. I’m always excited to see you and sad to see you leave.

Our Story

Peak Inertia was founded by two developers who met on the job in Detroit, MI. We noticed how difficult working with contractors could be. They were hard to get ahold of, they would build the wrong things, they would say they could do things they couldn’t, they ran over budget, they missed deadlines, and sometimes they just didn’t deliver. We knew we could do it better.

To solve the problems that most agencies have, we stay small. When you call or email, the developer who is building your software will respond. Our agency still delivers large projects on time thanks to our use of modern technology. With serverless, static sites, and other innovations a few developers can now deliver what an entire team could not. We work smarter.

We started by choosing technology that works for us, our clients, and our client’s customers. Then we focused on building relationships with clients as opposed to getting as many as possible. We want to spend our time building software not looking for clients, so we strive to make every client a satisfied client.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to work with then please reach out to us with the form below, an email, or even a call. As of now, we still have space for new clients.

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