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Peak Inertia is a custom software agency specializing in mobile & web applications


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We specialize in technology we know works and works well. You will love it, your users will love it, and your accounting team will think you forgot a zero.

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We designed our agency
for you

From our technology to our client relationships, we have designed everything at Peak Inertia to make working with us an enjoyable experience.

Why Peak Inertia?

Small, nimble & fast

When you call, a software developer answers. As a small agency we offer a service that feel like you're working wiht a developer at your office — someone who you know, trust, and have a relationship with.

Our business model is client retention

Our goal is to keep you as a client for as long as you need software. So, we not only make sure you are happy with everything that we build, but that you enjoy working with us every step of the way

We picked our technology for you

We’ve considered cost, ease-of-use, maintenance, speed, reliability and so much more to select our technology that delivers for our clients time and again

We build what you need

We focus on creating software that solves your problems. First, we listen to fully understand your problem, and then we create the perfect software solution

Whether you are starting a new project or fixing an old one

Our engineers have extensive experience working with a diverse array of technology. We can adapt to the legacy applications you have and work them into modern software solutions. Or we would love to build you something fresh

Full-stack solutions

Front-end, back-end, databases, APIs, design, user-experience, are all in our wheel-house

Case Study

Calm Dog PWA

This Progressive Web App (PWA) helps dog owners with reactive dogs teach their dogs to calm down. It's installable, available on mobile and web and works offline. It was developed in a fraction of the time it takes to make traditional apps yet delivers just as well. We can update it in minutes, not days. It can harness traditional SEO for discovery and there are no fees from app stores.

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